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I know, I know. It took me way too long, and I missed out on how hype it must've been to go to school and talk for hours on end about how strong goku was this week. I know. I missed out on waiting to see what happened, no idea when Krillen was gonna die next. I know, I never suffered through getting hardcoded fansubs with garbage translations for the shady video game store that sold anime and had a bunch of bootleg DDR cabinets in the back. I know, okay? I spent most of my time watching Code Geass when it was airing on adult swim. I missed out. Just, let me have this okay? I finally got around to it and it's worth it. Just don't spoil Super for me, ok?

• 100% polyester
• 4.5 oz (153 g/m2)
• Unisex fit
• Lightweight
• Made in the USA

Size guide

Chest (inches) 32 1/4 36 1/4 40 1/8 42 ½ 49 52
Length (inches) 27 1/2 27 7/8 29 30 ¾ 31 3/8 33

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